Ocean 63 Sloping Rolling Roof

Ocean 63 Sloping Rolling Roof

While Aluminum Pergola systems cover open areas strongly, they provide high snow resistance as well as sun and wind resistance. Thanks to these dual-engine systems, you can stop the panels at any angle, adjust the shading as much as you want, and even provide ventilation and lighting in light rains without water, thanks to the streams on the panels. Thanks to the system being completely flat, you can get a more elegant look and get rid of the side angles, and you can get a stylish look without side triangles..



  • Material : Aluminium
  • Profile Color : RAL Color
  • Panel Width: 280 mm
  • Max. System Width : 8 m
  • Max. System Opening : 10 m
  • Area Limitation: 50 m²/system
  • Double Movement: Folding & Rectacting Seperately
  • Slope: Flat Type System
  • Weight around: 48-52 kg/m²


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